Drill Sleeves

Richsen Product

HS Code : 8431.43.10
Standard : API-5CT
Usage : Connecting Drilling Strings
Packing : Steel Frame


Drill Sleeves

The Blast Joint is used to protect the tubing string from the abrasive action of flowing gas or oil when positioned opposite the perforations. Blast Joints may also be used directly below the well head to protect from the abrasion of doing a hydraulic fracturing operation down the annulus.

The Blast Joint is made from high quality steel treated to between 28 and 36 RC hardness to insure maximum abrasion resistance and strength. For H2S service, the blast joint is available heat treated to between 18 and 22 RC hardness as per N.A.C.E. specification MR-0175. Other materials are available on advance order if required.

Full tubing I.D. is maintained through the blast joint with the O.D. the same as tubing couplings. As standard, the blast joint is available in API tubing connections.


Product Features:

Nipples consists of a small piece of pipe that is used in conjunction with fittings or pipe. The nipple is used to connect two segments of a pipe system with threaded connections

1.OCTG Seating Nipple Technical Paratemeters

Technical Specification