Blast Joint

Richsen Product

HS Code : 8431.43.10
Standard : API-5CT
Usage : Connecting Drilling Strings
Packing : Steel Frame


Blast Joint 0.750” – 7.625” OD

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Blast joints are commonly used in casing perforating operations.Their key characteristic is that they have the OD of the coupling and the ID of the tubing, which results in a high wall thickness. Thus, Richsen Blast Joints are more resistant to the erosion and wear which mainly occurs in high velocity flow areas in the casing annulus, which are often referred to as blast. They increase the safety and reliability of operations by reducing the risks of leakages

Full tubing I.D. is maintained through the blast joint with the O.D. the same as tubing couplings. As standard, the blast joint is available in API tubing connections.

Features & Benefits
  • Generally 10′ and 20′ lengths, also available in meters.

  • Premium, semi-premium, and API connections available.

  • Pin-by-pin and box-by-box options.

  • Tailored to string design.

  • Wear resistant, erosion and corrosion protection coatings available.

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