Thread Height Gage

Inspecting Thread Height Gage

HS Code : 7307.99.00
Standard : API-5B
Usage : Inspecting Thread Height Gage
Packing : Wooden Box,Wooden Box

Brief Description: 


Xi'an Techray Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd is the top level manufacturer of Tubing and Casing Thread Inspection Gages in C hina . Products inspect all required thread elements Thread Lead, Thread He ight, Thread Addendum, Thread Taper, Crest Diameter, Ovality, Thread Form all with the precise accuracy required in today’s demanding industry. TECHRAY thread inspection gages include not only API 5CT connections but also Premium connections which were widely used by TPCO, BAOSTEEL, HENGYANG VALIN, SINOPEC, CNPC, CNOOC, and many other Casing & Tubing manufacturers in China.

As the Sole Oversea Agent, RICHSEN is committed to providing Integral solutions for Thread

Inspection of Casing/Tubing production to customers all over the world.

All Gages be calibrated by TGRC.CNPC.

Product Description:

External Thread Height Gage

ModelApplicable ConnectionMeasure Range
ETH01TBG, UPTBG, CSG, NC, REG, FH, IF0-5mm X 0.01mm
ETH024-1/2” BCSG~13-3/8” BCSG E/I thread0-5mm X 0.01mm
ETH0316” BCSG~20” BCSG E/I thread0-5mm X 0.01mm
ETH04TBG, UPTBG, CSG, NC, REG, FH, IF0.25in X 0.0005in
ETH054-1/2” BCSG~13-3/8” BCSG E/I thread0.25in X 0.0005in
ETH0616” BCSG~20” BCSG E/I thread0.25in X 0.0005in

Special Remark: 

We can customize many kinds of Threading Inspection instruments for Premium Connection according to customer’s request 

All Gages be calibrated by TGRC.CNPC.

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Brief Overview For Product List :

  1. Lead Gage

  2. Thread Height Gage

  3. Thread Addendum Gage

  4. Thread Taper Gage

  5. Crest Diameter and Olvality Gage

  6. BTC Thread Vanishing Point Gage 

  7. Thread Ridge Thickness Gage

  8. Defect Measurement Gage 

  9. Coupling Alignment Gage

  10. Thread Form Profiles

  11. Premium Connection Inspection